Freight Movement in Central Indiana

Central Indiana is one of the premier freight and logistics regions in the United States. Various factors help account for this, including its extensive network of highways, railroads, and air freight facilities; its attractive, central location; and affordable land and business costs which help facilitate growth.

The IMPO is currently updating the Regional Freight Plan. Follow along on the project page.

Regional Freight Plan (2015)

In 2015, the Indianapolis MPO conducted its first comprehensive freight plan since 1998. The plan reviewed previous plans, explored freight clusters, and provided recommendations for improvements to freight planning capacity in central Indiana.

Freight White Papers (2010)

Three white papers

  • Task 1 describes the compnents of the system, the owning/operating railroads, the freight movements generated, as well as existing and proposed rail passenger service use. It also examines the potential conflicts on freight movement resulting from the latter.
  • Task 2 identifies intermodal facilities and their locations, describes their use and deficiencies, and presents an improvement strategy for them.
  • Task 3