Central Indiana Transit Plan

A product of Indy Connect, the Central Indiana Transit Plan recommends improving existing transit systems and creating new ones. The plan is presented in a "Question & Answer" format for easy reference.

Unlike other projects you will find on this website, Indy Connect is ongoing, and the plan and recommendations will change over time as additional public input is gathered and studies are completed.

*Indy Connect is a partnership of the Indianapolis MPO, IndyGo, and the CIRTA.

Project Milestones

  • 2010 Indy Connect Formed
  • 2011 Transit Vision Plan Created
  • 2012-2015 Rapid Transit Studies & Public Input
  • 2014 Transit Funding Enabling Legislation Passes
  • 2015 IndyGo Forward / Marion County Transit Plan
  • 2016 Central Indiana Transit Plan Created
  • 2019 Amendments to the Central Indiana Transit Plan for other Counties (In Progress)

Rapid Transit Studies

View completed rapid transit studies on our Regional Transit Plans page.

Regional Transit Plans Page
View studies, information, and more at www.IndyConnect.org

Amendments to the Central Indiana Transit Plan for other Counties

The MPO and other Indy Connect partners will hold educational workshops, survey the public, and host community open houses in Central Indiana counties in 2018/2019. The workshops, surveys, and open houses will focus on opportunities to expand transit plans for Central Indiana.

The Johnson County Transit Plan
The Hamilton County Transit Plan