Data & Studies

We've provided data, studies, and other resources for public use, as well as to assist our Local Public Agencies (LPAs -- the cities, towns, and counties in Central Indiana) in their own analyses and plan-making.

Technical Studies

Technical Studies provide us with in-depth research into timely issues that help us with our planning and programming.

Available studies include:

  • Asset Management Study
  • Household Travel Survey
  • On-Board Transit Survey
  • Safety Study: Top 50 Most Dangerous Intersections
  • 2019 Safety Study: Road Safety Audit of High Crash Intersections
  • Community Preference Surveys
  • Regional Activity Centers
Crash Data Dashboard

The IMPO began a project in 2017 to correct the locations of the ARIES (Automated Reporting Information Exchange System) incapacitating injury and fatal crash records. The IMPO’s crash dashboard displays 9 years (2015 – 2023) of fatal and incapacitating injury crash records in the 8-county region. The dashboard enables the IMPO’s Local Planning Agencies and the public to view the crash data with interactive filters that allow the user to select a specific year, crash type, or jurisdiction. Each individual crash location can also be selected for further crash details. Please contact Jennifer Dunn for more information on the Crash Dashboard or the corrected ARIES Crash Data.

Downloadable Data

We believe in transparency -- it's a core tenet of our organization. Data is one key to the analysis in our plans. You can download any data here and use it for your analysis in your plans or projects. (Most files are zipped shapefiles.) Don't see something you think we might have? Contact us!

Available data includes:

  • MPA and UAB Boundary
  • Common Data Request Booklet
  • 2019 Regional Bicycle Counts
  • Regional Pedestrian Plan Analysis Training
StreetLight Data & Access Requests

StreetLight’s data are derived from data collected from GPS navigation service and user mobile phone applications. GPS navigation, cell phone, and mobile application providers send non-personally identifiable data to StreetLight.

Request for Travel Demand Model Output

The ITDM incorporates a wide variety of data about the residents of Central Indiana that includes businesses, transportation systems, and development patterns that create millions of trips across the region daily.

Federal Performance Measures

Transportation Performance Management (TPM) was established by Congress in the MAP-21 federal transportation bill. The intent is to use data to review the safety, condition, and performance of our transportation facilities, and use that to set goals, or “targets” for improving those facilities.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning, for our purposes, is thinking about the different ways Central Indiana could grow and change over the next 30 years. The Preferred Land Use Scenario is used in transportation modeling and will be referenced in future planning work. For more information on the scenario planning process and the preferred scenario map and placetypes, follow the link.