TIP Call for Projects


The IMPO receives an annual allocation of funding from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to support transportation projects within the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). A legislatively approved formula is used by FHWA to apportion funding to each state which then apportions these funds to MPOs. Each year the IMPO goes through a process to determine what projects receive this funding called our "call for projects".

About the Call for Projects

The process to receive IMPO-managed funding is highly competitive. During the call-for-projects local public agencies (typically cities, towns, counties, and transit organizations) choose projects to submit for consideration by completing a data-driven application and committing to locally fund a portion of the project cost. The IMPO then selects projects for funding based on the funding goals of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) as adopted by the IMPO’s Transportation Policy Committee, federal eligibility requirements for different funding sources, and on their rank after the scoring process based on approved scoring criteria.

Annual Call for Project Applications

The IMPO recently held an annual call for projects at which time local public agencies could apply for IMPO-managed funding. This call for projects was open between October 1 and closed December 1. On April 17, 2024 the IMPO Transportation Policy Committee awarded $60.6 million for 17 regionally important projects that advance the region’s goals on road safety, air quality, and infrastructure preservation.

Supporting Application Documents:

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