IMPO Active Transportation Plan


The Active Transportation Plan will build off the foundation provided by the current Regional Bike Plan and Regional Pedestrian Plan, holistically evaluating multiple forms of non-vehicular transportation within Central Indiana. The plan will address transportation on bike, on foot, via mobility device, and via emerging modes such as shared scooters. Interaction with existing transit systems such as BRT and local bus service will be considered. With the recent approval of the IMPO’s Safe Streets and Roads for All Action Plan (SS4A), and ongoing work on Vision Zero, safety will be a major component of this plan.

Speaker Event

The Active Transportation Speaker in our 2023 Speaker Series featured Olatunji Oboi Reed, President and CEO of The Equiticity Racial Equity Movement. Reed is an advocate for equitable mobility options.

Project Milestones

  • December 2022 RFP awarded
  • January 2023 Plan & Policy Research
  • March 2023 Steering Committee Kickoff
  • April 2023 Data Gathering & Review
  • June 2023 Focus Group Discussions
  • June 2023 Level of Traffic Stress Analysis Updates
  • June 2023 Public Survey
  • July 18, 2023 Speaker Event
  • July 2023 Community Conversations
  • August & September 2023 Project Prioritization Methodology Updates
  • October 2023 Review of Analyses
  • November 2023 Identification of Corridors (In Progress)
  • December 2023 Assembling Draft Plan (In Progress)
  • February 2024 Staff Review of Draft Plan
  • March 2024 Public Review of Draft Plan
  • April 2024 Final Plan Approval

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To reach staff with questions or comments, contact the project manager:

Andrew Magee