Central Indiana Ride Guide

The Ride Guide is a resource for bicyclists and bicycle network planners. It maps all of the open bikeways in Central Indiana, streets identified as being low-stress for cyclists, and various cycling amenity locations.

The Current Map

The bicycling amenities in this map were identified by the public, bicycling organizations, and community engineers in early 2021 and updated through public feedback in 2022 and 2023.

Tap or click the image to launch the map:

Central Indiana Ride Guide App
Central Indiana Ride Guide App

Add to the Map

Annually, during the month of May (Bike Month), the IMPO offers a version of the Ride Guide that allows visitors to add missing amenities to the map & leave a note on existing ones to share helpful details. Come back next May to share what you know about new & existing amenities and help us make the Central Indiana Ride Guide better!