Traffic and Bike Counts

Traffic counts can be useful tools for many purposes. They help transportation planners understand roadway volume and changes in volumes over time. Developers can use them to evaluate prospective sites. You can find some traffic counts on this website and links to other helpful sites here as well.

StreetLight Traffic Count Estimates

The IMPO’s StreetLight Traffic Count Estimate Map shows Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) estimates for major roads in the Indianapolis MPO 8-county region.

The source of the data is StreetLight Data. StreetLight draws on big data and proprietary machine learning algorithms to measure travel patterns, and makes them available on demand via StreetLight InSight ®, the world’s first SaaS platform for mobility. StreetLight InSight ® powers thousands of global projects every month. For more information please visit

Access the Data

The IMPO has an online Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) estimates map available to provide general AADT information to both IMPO members and members of the public. Through its licensing, the IMPO also has the ability to provide more detailed data to IMPO members and their consultants to assist in applications for IMPO funding.

INDOT Traffic Counts

The Indiana Department of Transportation maintains an online database of traffic counts, which includes traffic counts the Indianapolis MPO has completed/contracted for in the past few years. The map is interactive and they provide search options if you need them.

INDOT Traffic Count Database System (TCDS)

Bicycle Counts

The IMPO’s StreetLight Major Bike Trail Traffic Estimate Map shows average daily bike traffic estimates for 2021 for major bike trails in the Indianapolis MPO 8-county region. Due to data constraints, the map can only display off road trails. This map will be updated with newer trails as more data becomes available.

IMPO Major Bike Trail Activity Map (StreetLight Data 2021 Estimates)

2019 Regional Bicycle Counts

In September 2019, the Indianapolis MPO conducted bicycle counts across Central Indiana in conjunction with the Regional Bikeways Plan. The 2019 Regional Bikeways Counts report includes the amount of cyclists that were documented at each site, why the site was selected by the MPO, and a map of count locations.