Regional Resiliency Snapshot


The Indianapolis MPO is conducting a regional resiliency snapshot to understand how well the Central Indiana region is prepared to handle future shocks and stressors. The project will identify how well the region is prepared to recover from shocks like major natural or economic events and how well the region can mitigate the effects of ongoing stressors like rising temperatures. The snapshot will answer the questions of what industries, infrastructure, community services, and more are prepared to handle forecasted threats. The snapshot will also include a risk-based assessment of transportation infrastructure, which is identified in federal PROTECT funding guidelines.

Equity will be crucial to integrate throughout the planning process. Shocks and stressors do not impact all communities, employment sectors, locations, or people in the same way. The resiliency plan will consider the role equity plays in resiliency planning as well as potential disproportionate effects from shocks and stressors on different communities.

Project Milestones

  • January 2023 Project Kickoff
  • January - April 2023 Identification of Central Indiana Resources (In Progress)
  • January - June 2023 Identification of Threats, Shocks and Stressors (In Progress)
  • February 2023 Public Engagement Plan
  • February – October 2023 Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure
  • May - December 2023 Vulnerability of the Region Assessment
  • December 2023 Project Completion

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Long-Range Planning / Senior Planner I

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