Red Flag Investigation

A Red Flag Investigation (RFI) is a quantitative analysis of infrastructure, water, hazardous materials, historical features, and other data within a half-mile of a proposed transportation project.The MPO has created a standard procedure for developing a RFI that is based on Indiana Map and other readily available datasets. The MPO has made available an interactive map and downloadable GIS file of the data used in developing RFIs for LPAs to see what environmental features or issues may be near a potential project.

The MPO's RFI process may help LPAs better understand what environmental features may impact a proposed project and thus lead to better scope and cost estimating development at the application stage. Contact Jennifer Dunn with questions.

The map file below includes data points used to create Red Flag Investigations, including:

  • HazMat
  • Historic Resources
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Infrastructure
  • Water Resources

Red Flag Investigation Map

To view the Red Flag Investigation Map:

An interactive map of the INDOT RFI Template can be found here INDOT Red Flag Investigation Template