Bikeway & Walkway Planning

Not everyone has the ability to own, or desire to use, a personal automobile. Providing transportation choices for Central Indiana residents enhances the function of the region’s transportation system.

Regional Bikeways Plan

As Central Indiana's appetite grows for more and better bicycle infrastructure, the MPO plans for that growth so that the regional bikeways network can knit the region together. The Regional Bikeways Plan is a component of the Long Range Transportation Plan.

Regional Pedestrian Plan

Every commuter begins and ends their day walking. The Regional Pedestrian Plan recognizes the importance of walking and planning for the pedestrian. The plan tries to encourage the establishment of a connected pedestrian system that crosses county and municipality lines, providing the opportunity for continuous pedestrian activity throughout the Metropolitan Planning Area.

Multi-Modal Corridor & Public Space Design Guidelines

A balanced transportation system and quality of life in the Indianapolis region are linked. The needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and automobile operators are valued equally. Providing transportation choice will enhance both the function and aesthetics of the region’s land uses and transportation system. These Design Guidelines establish a common family of elements to assist the Central Indiana Region in becoming a network of diverse, walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly communities. Establishing guidelines for a balanced transportation system promotes safety and accessibility throughout the region. Ultimately, a balanced transportation system will provide access to home, work, education, commerce, and recreation through transportation choice.