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Current Procurements

Find all information regarding Request for Proposals (RFPs) on this page. Submissions must include all required forms, which can be downloaded from the left side menu.

Deadlines for questions and final submission will be strictly adhered to and incomplete proposals will not be reviewed.

Future Opportunities

Project Management and Funding Database

The Indianapolis MPO will be issuing a Request for Information (RFI) in the near future relating to the development of a project management and funding database capable of expansion and customization for the Indianapolis Regional Transportation Improvement Program (IRTIP). The IRTIP is the program listing of all federal and non-federal transportation funds administered by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) within Central Indiana.

Since 2011, the Indianapolis MPO has been using a web-based database Software as a Service (SaaS) solution referred to as MiTIP (, to store and manage IRTIP data. This SaaS assists the IMPO develop the IRTIP (updated every two years) as well as track project funding and development from application to completion in an easy to use and view format. The IMPO’s SaaS represents a single repository for all project data and provides an ease of data sharing with local public agencies and the public.

The Indianapolis MPO will issue the Request for Information to acquire information on suggested approaches to continue MiTIP either through an existing SaaS or through the development of a new project management database specific to the IRTIP’s needs. The solution should be robust, but easy to use for a variety of user levels by the IMPO, local public agencies, and the general public. It should be customizable for immediate and long-term needs.

Please contact Kristyn Sanchez or Cole Jackson with any preliminary questions.

Pedal and Park Program

The Indianapolis MPO will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) in the near future relating to the Pedal and Park program. Pedal and Park is a contract that funds secure bicycle parking at events all over Central Indiana, including the Indiana State Fair, CarmelFest, and Mass Ave Crit. All equipment (such as bike racks, registration tables, or vehicles to transport equipment) must be provided by the selected vendor.

Please contact Nick Badman with any preliminary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the cover page, table of contents, or questions addendum count towards the 20-page limit?

No, these do not count towards the page limit.

Is there a particular format that is required for the quote submissions?

At this time, there is not a specific format that is required.

Shall the password-protected PDF be separate from the proposal?

Yes, the proposal should not be password protected. The quote should be a different document with the password set as stipulated in the RFP document.

Is there a specific order of pages for submissions to follow?

No, page order does not matter, as long as everything is included.

Does the IMPO have a procurement policy?

The IMPO procurement policy document applies to all purchases and/or procurements by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization without regard to the source of funds, including local funds, State, and Federal assistance funding, except as provided by law. All procurement transactions will be conducted in a manner providing full and open competition consistent with the standards outlined in United States Code and Indiana Code

For a register of RFP proposals, please send an e-mail to Only RFPs since December 2020 are available for this request.