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Current Procurements

Find all information regarding Request for Proposals (RFPs) on this page. Submissions must include all required forms, which can be downloaded from the left side menu.

Deadlines for questions and final submission will be strictly adhered to and incomplete proposals will not be reviewed.

Indianapolis Travel Demand Model (ITDM) On-call Services

The IMPO is seeking a vendor to provide on-call model support as needed to support IMPO modeling staff. Model maintenance and some development activities are carried out in-house and the selected vendor will serve as a resource for internal staff in these efforts as needed, as well as to address additional ITDM related needs that could arise.

The ITDM is a newly updated and calibrated advanced 4-step Destination Choice Model with a new data driven Freight Model. Truck and passenger passive data were used to estimate trip generation and destination trip choice models for trucks and light commercial vehicles (LCVs), including updating the passenger car models. This update was completed in early 2021. The selected Consultant shall have demonstrated experience with TransCAD 9 and the current version of GISDK and the Flowchart Model Interface. TransCAD 9 and Build version consistent with IMPO staff is required.

On-Call CFO Services

This contract would be for services assisting with the following:

1. Accounting Policies and Procedures. Using the approved and adopted accounting policies as a guideline, the financial consultant will assist the MPO Finance Team in developing revisions to the existing processes and procedures, as needed. Particular emphasis will be spent on sub-recipient monitoring.

2. Monthly Financial Statements Review. The financial consultant will assist in the MPO Finance Team in reviewing month-end financial documents to ensure receipts and disbursements are being coded correctly in the MPO’s financial system, NetSuite.

3. Provide Support and Advisory Services to the Management Team. The financial consultant will advise and counsel the MPO management team as necessary.

Future Opportunities

Contact IMPO Procurement with preliminary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the cover page, table of contents, or questions addendum count towards the 20-page limit?

No, these do not count towards the page limit.

Is there a particular format that is required for the quote submissions?

At this time, there is not a specific format that is required.

Shall the password-protected PDF be separate from the proposal?

Yes, the proposal should not be password protected. The quote should be a different document with the password set as stipulated in the RFP document.

Is there a specific order of pages for submissions to follow?

No, page order does not matter, as long as everything is included.

For a register of RFP proposals, please send an e-mail to Only RFPs since December 2020 are available for this request.