Resources to Help You Get Involved

Here are some resources that you can refer to or use as guidelines if you'd like to get involved in the transportation planning process.

Public Involvement Plan

The MPO's Public Involvement Plan (PIP) indicates opportunities for all segments of the public to be involved in the metropolitan transportation planning process. Groups include the general public, representatives of transportation services, community representatives, and many others.

USDOT's Transportation Toolkit

Do you have a transportation idea, problem or challenge? Do you want to participate in the process of making decisions about transportation plans and projects? Do you currently have little to no experience with these types of decisions? Then the Toolkit is for you!

Indianapolis MPO Title VI Procedures

The purpose of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is to prohibit programs that receive federal funds from discriminating against participants or clients on the basis of race, color or national origin. The MPO's Title VI Complaint Procedures were developed as a guideline to be followed should a Title VI complaint be filed with the MPO.

​INDOT Subreciepient Toolbox for MPOs and LPAs

INDOT has updated the Subrecipient Toolbox to assist MPOs and our LPAs with Title VI compliance. The Subreciepient Technical Assistance Tool outlines how INDOT will review/audit Title VI compliance and provides a step‐by‐step guide on developing a compliant program. The Subrecipient Toolbox information is on the Title VI Resources Page on INDOT's Website near the bottom of the page, and includes the following materials.