StreetLight Data & Access Requests for IMPO Grant Project Support

What is StreetLight Data?

StreetLight’s data are derived from data collected from GPS navigation service and user mobile phone applications. GPS navigation, cell phone, and mobile application providers send non-personally identifiable data to StreetLight. StreetLight then aggregates and processes the data they receive to make it useful for planning work

The IMPO has access to StreetLight Data's InSight Advanced Analytics travel data service through April 15th 2023. The IMPO has recently added StreetLight’s Multimodal package which includes data for pedestrians, bicycles, and transit. The InSight Advanced Analytics package provides the IMPO with enhanced and time saving transportation planning capacity in the form of online access to origination/destination travel data, traffic counts (AADT), and other data analytics and web application services. Currently, the pedestrian and bike volume data is only available in an index format but actual volume counts will be available later this year.


The IMPO’s agreement with StreetLight includes direct access for IMPO staff to the StreetLight website. IMPO staff may do work on IMPO planning projects and may provide analysis and data to support IMPO member applications for IMPO grants and IMPO-funded project implementation needs (e.g. project design, planning studies, and project impact review).

The IMPO StreetLight agreement also provides for the MPO to authorize StreetLight access to up to 10 registered consultants for work on IMPO and IMPO-funded member projects and applications for those projects. These 10 slots may be reassigned, so that once a consultant has finished with a project, that slot can be assigned to someone else.

IMPO members seeking StreetLight analysis and data or consultant access to the StreetLight online tools, may use the links and information below. IMPO members seeking full access to the StreetLight online tools for themselves should visit

Eligible IMPO members include representatives of cities, counties, towns, and other governmental agencies represented on the IMPO's Transportation Policy Committee.

IMPO Member Data Request

IMPO members can use the links below to request StreetLight data from IMPO staff.

Request for Consultant Access on an IMPO Project

IMPO members can use the links below to request registration (direct access) for a consultant working on an IMPO project.