Indianapolis Regional Transportation Improvement Program

About the IRTIP

The IRTIP identifies and includes transportation projects proposed by government and transportation agencies in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) over a four year period. The IRTIP allocates the region’s limited transportation resources among the various capital and operating needs of the Indianapolis MPA based on regional priorities and cooperative input. The IRTIP serves as a schedule of coordinated project implementation among regional agencies; a guide for implementation of other short and long-range plans; and a source of public information about federally funded transportation projects in the MPA. Click here to view the IRTIP document approved in May, 2019. To review a quick summary of the current IRTIP, click here.

The IRTIP is updated at least every two years, is fiscally constrained (not just a “wish list”), conforms with the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for air quality, is approved by the MPO and the Governor, and is incorporated, without change, in INDOT’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). Quarterly amendments for the current 2020-2023 IRTIP can be view on this page under "Approved IRTIP Amendments." The most current information about IRTIP amendments can be found under MITIP's "IRTIP Amendments" tab.

Draft 2022-2025 IRTIP

The Draft 2022-2025 Indianapolis Regional Transportation Improvement Program (IRTIP) is now available for public review and comment through April 21st. The draft IRTIP is scheduled to be presented to the Transportation Policy Committee for public hearing and approval on April 21st. For full meeting details and further information, visit

All comments should be sent to Kristyn Sanchez by phone - (317) 327-5137 or email - or mailed to 200 E. Washington Street, City-County Building Suite 2322, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

2020 Annual Call for Projects Postponed

The Indianapolis MPO issues an annual call for projects usually the first of October, in which Local Public Agencies may submit applications for regional transportation projects, such as transit, bike/pedestrian and road/bridge improvements utilizing MPO administered funding. The MPO assessed the current program of projects through State Fiscal Year 2025 including bid trends, project schedules as well as anticipated funding and has determined that the call for projects for State Fiscal Year 2026 funding will be postponed. The next call for projects will take place in the Fall of 2021 at which time, all Local Public Agencies will be provided with information necessary to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Cunningham or Kristyn Sanchez.


The Metropolitan Indianapolis Transportation Improvement Program (MiTIP) allows the public to view programmed transportation projects contained in the IRTIP on-line. MiTIP represents the most current version of the IRTIP at any given time.


Check out the MPO's interactive MiTIP portal for information on, and maps of, federally funded transportation projects.

Visit MiTIP

Learn more about MiTIP (2016 AMPO Conference presentation)

Annual Call for Project Applications

The SFY 2025 Call for Projects (CFP) was open from 9/13/2019 - 11/27/2019. Resources used to assist with the CFP are still available to be viewed below.

Supporting Application Documents:
SFY 2025 Call for Projects Application Packet
IRTIP Scoring Criteria - Adopted May 2018

Reference Materials:
Cost Estimating Scoping Form (scoping form instructions)
Cost Estimating Tool
CMAQ Emissions Calculator
Guide to Road Safety Audits
Safety Study: Top 50 Most Dangerous Intersections
Functional Classification Map
2045 Long Range Plan & Project Map
2016 Regional Freight Plan
Complete Streets Policy

Proposed IRTIP Amendments

Proposed amendment to the 2020 - 2023 IRTIP.

IRTIP Annual Lists of Obligated Projects

In accordance with Federal requirements, the MPO publishes its “Annual Listing of Federally Obligated Transportation Projects” based on information provided by INDOT. The purpose of the report is to provide to the public, as well as State and local officials, information regarding federal spending on transportation projects within the Indianapolis region, along with a progress report and disclosure of project delivery occurring over a shorter planning period of only one year.

Helpful Resources for Local Engineers and Planners

Check out our clearing house for information and resources needed by local public agencies (LPA), including INDOT's ADA and Title VI information.