Eyes Up, Just Drive.


Across our country and region, crashes and deaths on our roads are up dramatically.

While dangerous infrastructure is the largest factor in crashes, distracted driving is another important behavioral cause of often fatal crashes. All drivers can help make the roads safer by keeping their eyes up and just driving.

“Eyes Up, Just Drive” is our campaign to highlight putting away distractions while driving and being more aware of infrastructure changes, pedestrians, children, individuals in wheelchairs, and those on bicycles, to save lives.

We encourage you to share the "Eyes Up, Just Drive” campaign on your social media channels and help stop distracted driving.

To learn more about distracted driving – and the critical role infrastructure plays in roadway safety – check out the resources below. Also, learn how we invest in safety improvements in your community at indympo.org/safety.

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More Resources

IMPO Safety Page​​

Ensuring safe, accessible, and desirable transportation in Central Indiana is central to the IMPO's mission. The IMPO strives to support safety across all of its core programs and works to create a regional transportation system designed to safely and comfortably accommodate all users, of all ages and abilities.

​Indiana Crash Data County Crash Data Profile

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute uses National Highway Traffic Safety Administration funding to partner with the Indiana University Public Policy Institute (IUPPI) to analyze ARIES crash data for each calendar year. Research findings are summarized in a series of Crash Facts publications.

IMPO Regional Crash Map

The IMPO began a project in 2017 to correct the locations of the ARIES (Automated Reporting Information Exchange System) incapacitating injury and fatal crash records. The IMPO’s crash dashboard displays the most recent five (5) years of fatal and incapacitating injury crash records in the 8-county region. The Crash Dashboard enables the IMPO’s Local Planning Agencies and the public to view the crash data with interactive filters that allow the user to select a specific year, crash type, or jurisdiction.

Safety for People Walking, Rolling, or Biking

A livable community is one that provides safe and convenient transportation choices to all citizens, whether it's by walking, bicycling, transit, or driving. Each year, unfortunately, pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities comprise about 19% of all traffic fatalities with approximately 6,000 pedestrian deaths and 850 bicyclist deaths. Another 76,000 pedestrians and 47,000 bicyclists are injured in roadway crashes annually. These numbers have been rising recently and this is unacceptable. Learn more about bike and pedestrian safety via the resources below.

Towards "Vision Zero"

Each year, more than 40,000 people are needlessly killed on American streets and thousands more are injured. These deaths are often called traffic “accidents” but, in reality, we have the power to prevent traffic collisions."Vision Zero" is a worldwide initiative focused on the belief that every transportation-related death or serious injury is preventable. Vision Zero champions efforts to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roadways to zero. In 2018, the IMPO Policy Committee approved a resolution supporting Vision Zero. In addition, to help communities move in this direction, a Vision Zero Toolkit is under development and anticipated for release in 2022.

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