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Driving Skills

How well do you drive? Take this quiz to find out if you know the rules of the road!

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Question 37 Roundabout

1. Do you have to yield if you are already in a roundabout?

  • You do not need to yield to entering vehicles, but you must yield to pedestrians and cyclists on the sidewalk while entering or exiting the roundabout

  • You do not need to yield to vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists

  • You must yield to vehicles that are trying to enter the roundabout

  • You must yield to turning vehicles

Question 02

2. A dashed yellow center line means:

  • Passing is not allowed

  • Both lanes are going in the same direction

  • Passing is allowed when there is no oncoming traffic

  • No turning is allowed

Question 13 Foggy Road

3. As fog can greatly reduce visibility of other vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic signals, you should:

  • All answers are correct

  • Use low headlight beams to better illuminate the road and objects

  • Not use your high headlight beams

  • Drive cautiously and reduce speed

Question 30 Driving In Rain

4. When it is flooding, you must:

  • Not drive when water is over the road

  • Wait for weather to dry up

  • Stay on high ground

  • Pull over

Question 62 Bike Lane

5. Which of the following are true concerning bike lanes?

  • All answers are correct

  • Do not drive or park in bicycle paths or lanes, or place the vehicle in a manner that may impede bicycle traffic on such path or lane

  • Yield the right of way to an individual operating a bicycle on a designated bicycle path or lane

  • Do not move into a bicycle path or lane in preparation for a turn

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