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Driving Skills

How well do you drive? Take this quiz to find out if you know the rules of the road!

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Question 66 Merging

1. When participating in a zipper merge near a construction zone, drivers should:

  • stay in their lane until the point of merge.

  • merge as early as possible.

  • change lanes immediately.

  • forcefully merge into traffic.

Question 31 Car Crash

2. How many traffic fatalities in Indiana occur due to dangerous or aggressive driving?

  • One-third

  • One-quarter

  • One-half

  • One-tenth

Question 24 Pedestrian Crossing Sign

3. What does a yellow diamond sign with a person walking represent?

  • Pedestrian crossing

  • Men at work

  • Pedestrians only

  • Pedestrians stop for vehicles

Question 32 Aggresive Taxi

4. Which of the following is not an aspect of aggressive driving?

  • Passing a vehicle at safe speed

  • Following a vehicle too closely

  • Overtaking a vehicle off the roadway

  • Unnecessary sounding of the horn

Question 16 Red Light

5. A flashing red signal means:

  • The same thing as a stop sign, and the driver should stop

  • A reason to slow down

  • Caution, there may be danger

  • A signal to look both ways, then proceed

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