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Driving Skills

How well do you drive? Take this quiz to find out if you know the rules of the road!

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Question 50 Roll Over Crash

1. What are ways of reducing the risk of rollover crashes?

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  • Avoid panicked steering

  • Maintain your tires

  • Load vehicles properly

Question 62 Bike Lane

2. Which of the following are true concerning bike lanes?

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  • Do not drive or park in bicycle paths or lanes, or place the vehicle in a manner that may impede bicycle traffic on such path or lane

  • Yield the right of way to an individual operating a bicycle on a designated bicycle path or lane

  • Do not move into a bicycle path or lane in preparation for a turn

Question 26 Cars Driving On Road

3. Driving at which speed consumes the least amount of fuel per mile, according to the Department of Energy?

  • 35 to 60 mph

  • 0 to 35 mph

  • 60 to 85 mph

  • 85 mph or higher

Question 56 Police Pulled Over Side Of Road

4. What does Indiana's Move Over Law Require?

  • It requires that motorists to yield the right of way, move over to the right and come to a complete stop, or change lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing

  • Requires that motorists move over when a speeding vehicle is approaching

  • Requires that motorists move over to the right lane when turning

  • Requires that motorists move over to the left lane when approaching an intersection

Question 05 Car Traffic

5. What is the maximum passing distance when passing in the oncoming lane?

  • 100 feet

  • No maximum

  • 1/4 mile

  • 1/2 mile

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