Driving Skills

How well do you drive? Take this quiz to find out if you know the rules of the road!

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1. How many traffic fatalities in Indiana occur due to dangerous or aggressive driving?

  • One-third

  • One-quarter

  • One-half

  • One-tenth

2. What should you do when a vehicle is passing you on the left side of the road?

  • Allow the other vehicle to pass safely and do not increase your speed

  • Speed up to maintain their speed

  • Stop so they may pass more quickly

  • All of the above

3. What do yellow or fluorescent signs mean?

  • They prepare drivers for specific road conditions and hazards ahead such as “Pedestrian Crossing” or “Merging Traffic”

  • They indicate permitted movements and directions or guidance, such as the distance to nearby cities

  • They indicate temporary traffic conditions such as “Flagger Ahead”

  • Indicate traffic regulations that require drivers to take immediate action to avoid threats to traffic safety.

4. When driving on wet roadways, you should remember:

  • All answers are correct

  • Pavement is slick immediately following a rainfall

  • Driving on wet roads can cause hydroplaning

  • To give yourself additional time to stop

5. Double-yellow center lines on a road mean:

  • Passing is not allowed

  • Passing is permitted in every direction

  • Only the oncoming lane may pass

  • Passing is permitted only when there are no other cars nearby

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