Indianapolis MPO will be Hosting Sessions at 2019 Neighbor Power Indy

MPO News
| Thursday, February 28 | 9:52AM

Deputy Director Sean Northup, Senior Planner Rose Scovel, and Special Projects Planner Taylor Firestine will be facilitating sessions at Neighbor Power Indy 2019. The event is scheduled for March 9, 2019 from 8:00am - 3:00pm at Marian University. The gathering is free but registration is required. Learn more and register here. Indianapolis MPO staff will be facilitating these sessions:

Transit-Oriented Development: Designing for Indy’s Transit Corridors
Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization

After successful passage of a 2016 income tax referendum, increasing public transit investment in Marion County, the City of Indianapolis and its partners turned attention to land use and infrastructure along high-ridership corridors. This effort focused on encouraging mixed-use redevelopment and enabling higher density on transit corridors to capitalize on increased public investment.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) assisted the City in developing a guidebook for transit-oriented development (TOD) and design. The document was created to be a highly-visual, easily digestible guide, illustrating complex concepts through local, national, and international best practices. The document outlines necessary tools for successful TOD implementation as appropriate to the Indianapolis context while educating members of the public, local planning staff, and developers of specific design strategies, policy recommendations, zoning requirements, and other regulatory considerations.

Points of discussion will touch on multimodal accessibility, affordable housing, economic resiliency, and inter-agency policy and cooperation. Panelists include representatives of the MPO, public transit provider IndyGo, and planners with the City’s Department of Metropolitan Development.

Regional Activity Centers – More Complex than the Core and Suburbs
Indianapolis MPO, Near East Area Renewal, MS Consultants

What does it mean to core neighborhoods that Indianapolis is part of a larger region where downtown and the suburbs isn’t the only dynamic at play? The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has been identifying regional activity centers, hubs of population and employment and studying the relationships between them. Commuting isn’t just from the suburbs to downtown, it’s across neighborhoods and communities within our region. People also travel between these activity centers for shopping, recreation, and dining. This session will present the regional activity centers, key findings from the research, and how it affects our transportation system and access to jobs and services for people in core neighborhoods. Panelists include representatives of the MPO, core neighborhoods, and suburban communities to share why neighborhoods and communities in the region are working together to improve transportation access, job access, and access to affordable housing.

Panel Discussion

Join local leaders as they discuss social, physical, institutional, design, and data-related connections. Panel will be moderated by Brian Payne, President & CEO of Central Indiana Community Foundation. Panel will include Jackie Nytes, CEO of The Indianapolis Public Library, Sean Northup, Deputy Director of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, Leigh Riley Evans, CEO of Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation, Wil Marquez, Creative Director/Owner of w/purpose, and Drew Klacik, Senior Policy Analyst at Indiana University Public Policy Institute.