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2023 IMPO Speaker: Safety

Public Meetings
| Tuesday, October 03 | 5:30PM

RSVP Today! Jessie Singer will be joining us to share national insight on the topic of transportation safety and focus the discussion to what elected officials, design staff, regional stakeholders, and users of the network can be doing to reduce or eliminate serious injuries and fatalities. Jessie Singer is a journalist and author of "There Are No Accidents: The Deadly Rise of Injury and Disaster -- Who Profits and Who Pays the Price"-- a Slate, Fortune Magazine, Mother Jones, and The Economist best book of the year. She is an expert in safe systems, injury prevention, harm reduction, and the ongoing rise in traffic fatalities, drug overdoses, falls, and other areas of injury-related death.

While there is growing public awareness of the role of public policy and infrastructure in crashes, there are also a substantial amount of people who chalk up these issues to human error/actions and as a result conclude that “nothing can be done”. We’d like to change that perspective, and inform people that traffic violence is not inevitable, and that we can improve things.

Following Jessie's presentation, she will be joined by Damon Richards, Safe Routes to School Manager at Health by Design, and Laura Slusher, Project Manager at LTAP for a conversation and audience questions.

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