Transportation Policy Sub-Committees

As needed, the Transportation Policy Committee will assign certain tasks or responsibilities to a sub-committee (aka Task Force). These sub-committees may meet outside of the regular IMPO Transportation Policy Committee schedule, and any sub-committee meetings will be added to the IMPO's calendar.

Federal Exchange Sub-Committee

The IMPO entered into agreement with the the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to exchange federal transportation funds for state funds in regards to the Indianapolis Regional Transportation Improvement Program (IRTIP), which documents the federally funded transportation improvements proposed for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). The Federal Exchange sub-committee is working through the logistics of implementing agreement, and re-evaluating IMPO procedures. Questions about this sub-committee should be directed to Steve Cunningham, Principal Planner, or Kristen Sanchez, Senior Transportation Finance Analyst.

Complete Streets Task Force

The Complete Streets Task Force meets annually in response to the annual IRTIP call for projects. The committee's primary responsibility is to review recommended projects for compliance with the IMPO's Complete Streets Policy and consider exceptions to the policy as allowed by the policy. Meetings are open to the public, and during each meeting, the Task Force will discuss and evaluate requests for policy exceptions, suggest revisions where appropriate, and vote on a recommendation.