Central Indiana Regional Freight Plan

The Indianapolis MPO is working with CPCS Transcom to update the Central Indiana Regional Freight Plan. This plan will include updated information about regional planning needs that will be used to help prioritize multimodal infrastructure improvements and develop policy recommendations that will work to enhance the freight corridors and areas in the region. Please contact Danielle Gerlach with any questions regarding the freight plan.

Project Milestones

  • Summer 2021 Literature Review and Data Collection/Analysis
  • July 2021 Initial Convening of Steering Committee
  • Mid-Late 2021 Conduct Stakeholder Interviews (In Progress)
  • Mid-Late 2021 SWOT Analysis (In Progress)
  • Late 2021 Survey for Steering Committee
  • Late 2021 Detailed Scope of Work, Action Plan, and Schedule for Phase 2
  • 2021-2022 Phase Two Begins
  • Phase Two Draft Implementation Process
  • Phase Two Develop Performance Measures
  • Phase Two Public Involvement and Plan Review
  • August 2022 Final Plan Adoption

Steering Committee Meeting Materials

July 26, 2021: Presentation | Recording