Regional Bikeways Plan

The Regional Bikeways Plan is a useful reference and prioritization tool for bikeway projects in Central Indiana. The plan will establish goals and objectives for the regional bikeway network, analyze the network for connectivity gaps and needs, and prioritize planned bikeway projects which can influence project selection for federal funding later on. The Regional Bikeways Plan was last updated in 2015.

Project Milestones

  • March 2019 Review Plans & Polices and Gather Data
  • April-May 2019 Public Engagement (first round)
  • June-July 2019 Bicycle Counts & Network Analysis
  • August-December 2019 Project Prioritization
  • January - June 2020 Create Draft Plan (In Progress)
  • July-August 2020 Public Engagement (second round)
  • October 2020 Final Plan Approval

Review Plans & Polices and Gather Data

The project team is reviewing the current plan, gathering crash data, and updating the inventory of existing bikeway facilities.

Public Engagement

We conducted a survey for the Regional Bikeway Plan update from May 1 - June 21, 2019. We also posted a video about the project and held a live Q&A session on Facebook in mid-May. The survey is now closed while we work to produce a summary, but you can still check out the videos on facebook!

Review the mid-May online public meeting

Bicycle Counts & Network Analysis

During Summer 2019 we will be collecting bicycle counts at a limited number of high-crash locations (for bicycles) in the region. This will give us a better idea of how many people are riding in riskier locations. We're also working to produce an analysis of major roadways in the region to identify which roadways are a high priority for bikeway facility investment, based on regional priorities.