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Our Regional Plan

The MPO's Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) guides the area's metropolitan transportation systems over the next 20 years. With the help of transportation planners, engineers, elected officials and the public, the plan ensures facilities and services required to support the mobility needs of the regional community and its future growth are anticipated and available. Look below for the 2045 LRTP and its amendments.

What is the Long Range Transportation Plan?

Goals of the LRTP

The LRTP supports:

  1. Enhancing transportation options and choices for all users
  2. Implementing strategies that address congested segments
  3. Supporting economic mobility for all Central Indiana residents
  4. Improving job access for Central Indiana commuters
  5. Ensuring the efficient movement of goods and freight
  6. Improving safety for travelers system-wide through project investment
  7. Preserving or enhance the existing transportation system
  8. Minimizing negative impacts of the transportation system on the natural environment
Approved Amendments and Transportation Conformity Reporting

From time to time, projects or assumptions made in a plan will change. As part of the federal process, an expansion project must be in the regional transportation plan, or LRTP. When projects arise that are not in the plan, the plan must be amended. Here you will find the original LRTP and amendments to the LRTP. Each amendment includes a full, revised project list.

Amendments to the 2045 LRTP will be made up to twice annually. Check the full meeting schedule for LRTP amendment request deadlines, as well as TIP amendment request deadlines.

2045 LRTP | Approved: December 2017
2045 LRTP Air Quality Conformity Determination Report | Approved: December 2018
Amendment #1 | Approved: October 2018
Amendment #1 Air Quality Conformity Determination Report | Approved: December 2018
Amendment #2 | Approved: February 2019
Amendment #3 | Approved: August 2019
2019 Q3 Transportation Conformity | August 2019
Amendment #4 | Approved: February 2020
2020 Q1 Transportation Conformity | February 2020
Amendment #5 | Approved: August 2020
2020 Q3 Transportation Conformity | August 2020
Amendment #6 | Approved: February 2021
2021 Q1 Transportation Conformity | February 2021
Amendment #7 | Approved: June 2021
2021 Q2 Transportation Conformity | June 2021
Amendment #8 | Approved: August 2021
2021 Q3 Transportation Conformity | August 2021

The following is a compiled list of INDOT projects located outside of the Metropolitan Planning Area but within the Transportation Conformity Area (aka the "donut area"). These projects have been reviewed by the Interagency Consultation Group as part of the Transportation Conformity review process.

Amendment Requests

The following forms are required for amendment requests.

2045 LRTP Projects Map

The following map indicates projects as of the most recently approved amendment of the 2045 LRTP.

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