Indianapolis MPO Regional Activity Centers


Regional Activity Centers are major destinations where clusters of employment, residents, and/or visitors are located. Identifying these Centers of high activity and trip generation helps engineers, planners and elected officials plan for the long-term needs of the area and guide growth across the region in an efficient and predictable manner. Other benefits of Activity Centers are:

  • Ensuring efficient use of infrastructure and public investments.
  • Identifying an economic center for communities and neighborhoods without one.
  • Supporting appropriate transportation infrastructure for each center type, including distribution/logistics activities.
  • Enabling residents to work closer to their homes.
  • Encouraging people to use active modes of transportation by reinforcing and developing walkable, mixed-use centers.
  • Providing opportunity for unique, memorable, active places where people can live, work and play.
  • Providing more destinations within the region for visitors and locals alike.

In 2020, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) led a data-driven process to identify RACs. The map and technical report are currently undergoing an update in 2023, which includes the expansion of the study area and the incorporation of the most recent data available.

Project Milestones

  • April 2023 Review of Draft RACs
  • June 2023 Finalize RACs
  • October 2023 Present final RACs to Transportation Policy Committee


The map below shows the locations of existing and emerging Regional Activity Centers.

View larger map

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