Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Dunn

MPO News
| Wednesday, March 11 | 2:11PM

A self-proclaimed "data nerd", Jennifer Dunn hails from Bloomington, Indiana, which she describes as "eclectic, peaceful, and artsy". She focused on biology and environmental studies at Oberlin College, then received a master's degree in environmental science from Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She discovered her love of Geographic Information Systems while in graduate school. Here’s some Q&A so you can get to know her better.


• Reading, vegetarian cooking, taking my son to parks and museums, traveling.

Favorite musician?

• The Beatles. They only released seven years of albums, but I never grow tired of listening to them.

Heroes growing up?

• Jim Henson because of the imagination he inspires in kids (and adults).

Favorite place to visit or vacation?

• I have three “S” places that I love to visit: Savannah, Georgia; Sanibel Island, Florida; and San Diego, California.