Staff Spotlight: Catherine Kostyn

MPO News
| Wednesday, February 12 | 9:35AM

Catherine Kostyn grew up in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area, which she describes as “a lovely part of the country with a rich history and beautiful scenery.” She has a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Tennessee and a master’s in geography from Indiana State University. Here’s some Q&A so you can get to know her better.


My favorite activities away from the office include playing the violin and hiking. I get away to the mountains and woods as often as I can and would like to hike at least part of the Appalachian Trail at some point.

Favorite musician?

Itzhak Perlman has been one of my favorite violinists since childhood. Struck with polio at an early age, he never allowed that to interfere with his music nor his ability to express his love of storytelling through the violin.

Heroes growing up?

Emma “Grandma” Gatewood! She was the first woman to complete a through hike of the Appalachian Trail, ever—and she did this twice. She invented “ultralight” hiking long before there was an official term for it.

Favorite place to visit or vacation?

Arches National Park, the Mojave Desert or mountains in general.

First place to use transit

I grew up using transit in Knoxville. We would use the bus for travel around the city during the week and pile into the car for road trips into the mountains on the weekend!