Planning organization launches driving quiz

MPO News
| Monday, November 29 | 11:17AM

In an effort to improve safety on the roads by educating – or reeducating – drivers, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) developed an online quiz to see how well Central Indiana residents know the rules of the road.

The driving quiz, found at, includes such questions as:

  • Who has the right of way when two vehicles approach a stop sign at the same time?
  • When is it appropriate to make a U-turn on an interstate highway?
  • If a bike lane exists between a parking lane and the curb, should vehicles park in the bike lane?
  • What does Indiana’s “move over” law require?

“Most of us studied a driver’s manual when we were 16 and haven’t looked at one since,” said Anna Gremling, executive director of the IMPO. “Our driver’s quiz is a fun way to refresh yourself and maybe even learn rules about new infrastructure like roundabouts and bike lanes.”

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