Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization Awards $47.2 Million In Infrastructure Funding

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| Wednesday, February 15 | 12:00AM

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) will award $47.2 million in funding for intersection, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, roadway, and bridge rehabilitation projects throughout Central Indiana.

The IMPO holds an annual call for projects, allowing local government agencies the opportunity to apply for IMPO-managed funds. During the most recent round of funding requests, 59 project applications from 17 local government agencies were submitted totaling $183 million in requested funding. The 16 projects selected for funding are planned for construction bids by June 2026.

In announcing the funding, IMPO Director Anna Gremling stated, “As the state’s largest regional planning organization we understand that infrastructure improvements are necessary to continue Central Indiana’s economic development and quality of life goals.” She added, “These projects are a contribution within a larger effort in the region to address the road safety crisis, accommodate burgeoning freight needs, and maintain the region’s infrastructure in good repair while providing mobility options for everyone in the region”.

The recipients were selected from a highly competitive pool. Each funded project requires a local funding match and is judged based on technical selection criteria, including impacts on air quality, improvements to congestion, pavement quality, and safety. The projects also meet goals for different types of projects set by representatives of the IMPO’s member communities from across the region.

The projects receiving funds this year include the following:

  • Beech Grove Arlington, Elmwood, & Hanna Roundabout Intersection Improvement - $1,725,570 This safety project will install a roundabout at a high crash intersection that has seen 52 vehicle crashes between 2015 and 2022.
  • CIRTA Commuter Connect Carpool Vanpool Program - $1,136,051 Commuter Connect is an air quality program that works with employers, employees, schools and more for the promotion of more sustainable commuting options including carpooling and vanpooling.
  • Hamilton Co. 146th & Hazel Dell Intersection Improvement - $8,718,340 This safety project will install a roundabout at the high-crash 146th & Hazel Dell Intersection reducing crashes while also reducing congestion.
  • Indianapolis Southport & Five Points Rd Roundabout Intersection Improvement - $1,915,650 This project will install a roundabout and sidewalk at a high crash intersection that has seen 64 crashes within the four year study period
  • Indianapolis Post & Troy Ave Roundabout Intersection Improvement - $1,683,000 This safety project will install a roundabout and sidewalk at this high crash intersection that has seen 66 crashes and 2 crash caused deaths in the four-year study period
  • Indianapolis Mitthoefer Rd over Bells Run Bridge Rehabilitation - $1,355,200 This project will rehabilitate an existing bridge and provide improved pedestrian access to the adjacent school
  • Indianapolis 86th St from Meridian to Allisonville Pedestrian Enhancement - $2,286,900 This pedestrian safety project will consist of signal upgrades, retimed signals, signs, markings, ADA ramps, and pedestrian refuge islands along the 86 th Street corridor.
  • Indianapolis Eagle Creek Greenway Phase 2B Bicycle Enhancement - $3,498,629 This phase is a 10’ side 1.29-mile long extension of the existing Eagle Creek Greenway from US-136 to the B&O Trail.
  • Indianapolis Eagle Creek Greenway Phase 2C Bicycle Enhancement - $4,307,058 This phase is a 10’ wide 3.42-mile long extension of the Eagle Creek Greenway that starts at the B&O Trail and ends at Washington St and the future IndyGo Blue Line BRT.
  • Indianapolis Madison Ave (Phase 2) from Martin St to Hanna Ave Roadway Rehabilitation - $3,869,096 This “road diet” project will reduce the number of lanes slowing traffic and improving safety for both drivers and pedestrians. The project will also include landscaping and a new multi-use path.
  • Indianapolis Raymond over Pleasant Run Bridge Rehabilitation - $1,606,000 This project will rehabilitate this bridge to good condition
  • Indianapolis Shelby St over Pleasant Run Bridge Rehabilitation - $2,182,400 This project will rehabilitate this historic bridge to good condition
  • IndyGo Blue Line BRT Bus Purchase Transit - $4,654,945 These funds will support the purchase of hybrid vehicles for the upcoming Blue Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service connecting Indianapolis’s east side to the airport.
  • Noblesville Midland Trace Trail Phase 2 Pedestrian Enhancement - $494,400 This project is a regional multi-use path being constructed with the Pleasant Street project and will connect Noblesville residents to Westfield and regional trail systems.
  • Noblesville Pleasant St Phase 3 New Road Construction - $5,475,700 This is the last phase in a major project connecting SR 32 to SR 37 via a Pleasant Street corridor. The project will reduce congestion and provide an alternate route over the White River, benefitting public safety, schools, businesses, commuters, and local residents.
  • Westfield 181st & Wheeler Rd Roundabout Intersection Improvement - $2,314,400 This congestion reduction project will include the installation of a roundabout and a multi-use pathway for pedestrians. The project will improve safety on the high-traffic intersection and reduce air pollution caused by congestion.

More information about all of these projects is available via our online portal, MiTIP ( or by contacting programming section staff. For more information about the Transportation Imrpovement Program and its funding programs view the TIP page.

About the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization

Federal law requires each urbanized area with a population of 50,000 or more to have an MPO. The MPO planning process is necessary to receive federal funds for transit, transportation alternatives and roadway improvements. The Indianapolis MPO encompasses 1,520 square miles and includes eight counties and 31 cities and towns.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) is the designated MPO for Central Indiana. The IMPO creates and implements short and long range plans to advance the region’s goals in transportation, economic development, housing, safety, sustainability, and other quality of life issues. The IMPO is also responsible for tracking and distributing certain transportation funds for roads, transit, trails, and other means of moving people and goods around Central Indiana.

About How These Projects Were Selected

The IMPO receives an annual allocation of funding from the federal government to support transportation projects within our planning region. Each year the IMPO goes through a competitive process to determine what projects receive this funding. To select projects to receive the IMPO’s funding, the IMPO issues an annual “call-for-projects”. During the call-for-projects local public agencies (typically cities, towns, counties, and transit organizations) choose projects to submit for consideration by completing a data-driven application and committing to locally fund a portion of the project cost. The IMPO then selects projects for funding based on the project type funding goals of the long-range transportation plan known as the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), the legibility of projects based on certain federal funding programs, and the ranking of projects after being scored by the IMPO's selection criteria. These documents and policies are approved by the IMPO's Transportation Policy Committee made up of elected and appointed officials from across the region.

Our Commitment to Improving Safety

Ensuring safe, accessible, and desirable transportation in Central Indiana is central to the IMPO's mission. On August 17, 2022 the IMPO Transportation Policy Committee adopted a Vision Zero Policy committing, with the help of our partners, to reduce serious and fatal crashes by 35% by 2040. The IMPO considers this a starting point toward the goal of eliminating traffic deaths fully in the long term. Vision Zero is the strategy to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries on all roadways. Vision Zero is built on the basis that traffic deaths and severe injuries are preventable. Vision Zero emphasizes a Safe Systems approach, which acknowledges that people make mistakes, and focuses on influencing system-wide practices, policies, and designs to lessen the severity of crashes. View our safety page to learn more about the IMPO's ongoing safety work.

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