Connectivity in the Geist District: Greenway to extend from 96th Street to 131st Street

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| Wednesday, December 12 | 12:50PM

Originally posted to the Current in Geist by Anna Skinner.

As a part of its 2040 plan, the City of Fishers wanted to add more connectivity throughout the Geist District. With upcoming construction scheduled for the Geist Greenway, that could occur as soon as 2020 or 2021.

About the Trail

The Geist Greenway will be a 5-mile long, 14-foot wide paved trail from 96th Street to 131st Street, mostly along Florida Road. There will be space for two-way pedestrian traffic and 2-foot shoulders on either side. City Engineer Jeff Hill said trail construction will likely occur in four phases, with the first two phases being completed by 2021.

The city has received funding from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, which will fund 80 percent of the first two phases. The first phase will be from 126th Street south to 113th Street. The second phase will be from 113th Street to 104th Street.

Hill said the plan for more connectivity was explored in the Fishers 2040 plan, which was approved in 2016.

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