Public Comment Period for 2023 Safety Action Plan Updates

Public Notices
| Thursday, May 18 | 12:00AM

You are invited to participate in our regional planning process. The IMPO will accept public comments on the draft plan from May 22 – June 2 at 4 pm. Public comments can be submitted to, by mail to 200 East Washington Street, Suite 2322, Indianapolis, IN 46204, or by phone to our voicemail line at 317-327-8601. Comments must be received by 4pm on June 2.

For alternative formats, translation services, or accommodation needs for persons with disabilities, please call 317-327-5136 or visit our offices at 200 East Washington Street, Suite 2322, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

2023 updates to the Safety Action Plan include:

  • More information on design suggestions for improving safety.
  • Actively addressing the benefits of multimodal improvements in the narrative.
  • Additional data provided to inform the systemic safety analysis, such as functional class, number of lanes, and speed limits.
  • An analysis of crashes on the High Injury Network.
2023 SAP Update

Safety Action Plan 2023 Update

The IMPO’s 2022 Safe Streets and Roads for All Safety Action Plan (or Safety Action Plan for short) was created and then adopted by the IMPO Policy Committee alongside an updated Vision Zero Resolution. This plan, intended to help address the rise in fatal and serious traffic crashes within the MPA, consists of several components: goal setting (the Vision Zero Resolution), safety analysis, public engagement, equity analysis, policy and process proposals, and progress reporting.