Technical Studies

Studies provide us with in-depth research into timely issues that help us with our planning and programming.

Household Travel Survey

It's always good to know how people move around on the roadway network. Gathering this information is hard work and is done through a process called the household travel survey. We recruit individuals to tell us about their driving habits over a period of time and we use this information to inform our planning processes and travel demand model.

On Board Transit Survey

The Indianapolis MPO and IndyGo conduct an on-board transit survey every few years. The purpose of this study is to examine travel behaviour and demographic characteristics of existing IndyGo riders. Essentially we're trying to understand who rides IndyGo and where they go when they ride it. This helps transportation planners understand what people are using the system and how they are using it.

Safety Study: Top 50 Most Dangerous Intersections

This study identifies the top fifty (50) high-crash locations within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). For each location, the team reviewed crash data and existing conditions, created a collision diagram, conducted a field check, met with local engineering and police representatives, and identified specific improvements to remedy existing safety issues. Recommended improvements range from lower-cost maintenance items, such as signage and pavement markings, to higher-cost capital improvements, such as intersection reconstruction or added travel lanes.