Downloadable Data

We believe in transparency -- it's a core tenet of our organization. Data is one key to the analysis in our plans. You can download any data here and use it for your analysis in your plans or projects. (Most files are zipped shapefiles.)

Don't see something you think we might have? Contact us!

MPA and UAB Boundary

The MPA and UAB boundary shapefiles for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Functional Classification System

The functional classified roads in the Indianapolis MPO area. For more information, follow this link. Updated 10/2016 and is dissolved for performance. Please contact us if you need a segment by segment shapefile.

Common Data Request Booklet

The Common Data Request booklet provides additional background information on the MPO, including population, households, median income, and employment for the Indianapolis region. Please be patient when it is loading because the file is very large.

MPO's GitHub Page

Open-source data processing tools are available on the MPO's GitHub page. Additional resources will be provided as they are completed.