Programming / Funding Transportation Projects

The Indianapolis MPO receives an annual allocation of federal funds and operates a program to select projects to fund with federal money. We use existing plans, direction from the Transportation Policy Committee, and public input to select projects that provide Central Indiana with the highest regional transportation benefit.

Major goals for projects that receive federal funding from the IMPO include:

  • Improving air quality (generally by making automobile movements more efficient or reducing automobile usage)
  • Efficient movement of goods (on trucks and trains) through the region
  • Improving safety for all users of regional travel ways
  • Reducing congestion that affects movements of work commuters and goods
  • Creating an interconnected transportation system suitable for users of all ages and abilities in Central Indiana

Click here to learn more about the federally approved Indianapolis Regional Transportation Improvement Program (IRTIP).

Programming projects at the IMPO generally consists of:

  1. Create Scorecards. We use best practices, federal guidelines, and Transportation Policy Committee input, determine the best scorecard for each funding category.
  2. Call for Projects. We announce a call for projects to Transportation Policy Committee, provide an outline of money available for the funding call, and a deadline.
  3. Review submitted projects. Towns, cities, and counties all submit projects for funding; they self-score their projects. We double-check the scoring and rank/recommend projects based on their score.
  4. Public Comment. The Transportation Policy Committee and public provide input on the list of recommended projects.
  5. Seek Approval. We put a final list together and submit to the Transportation Policy Committee for final approval.
  6. Track Projects. Every project is tracked to ensure the project meets its deadlines and will be able to spend its allocated money. Check out MiTIP for the current list of projects.