Planning for Future Transportation Improvements

Planning at the IMPO includes technical analysis, prioritization, recommendations for what should be built now and what should be built later, and of course much public input that guides us every step of the way.

Before we can decide how to distribute our federal funds, we create plans to ensure that the projects that get built are the most beneficial for moving people and goods around the region, and have the least impact on our region's most vulnerable populations.

Planning at the IMPO generally consists of:

  1. Gathering background information to get a feel for the current conditions of an area and to see how it's changed over time
  2. Getting public input and feedback on goals and objectives for the project and the project's outcomes
  3. Technical analysis that helps to form the plan's recommendations
  4. Public input and feedback on the plan's recommendations
  5. Adoption of the plan by the Indianapolis Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) during a public hearing

Most planning work at the IMPO also involves a steering committee for each project. These are people from various agencies, organizations, and the area being planned to make sure that the project's goals and recommendations are in line with what the residents and business owners of the area want.