Transit Impact Study

Central Indiana is constructing its first rapid transit line, the Red Line. It will be the nation's first all-electric bus rapid transit fleet, running from Broad Ripple, through downtown Indianapolis, to the University of Indianapolis. The Red Line will operate partially on dedicated lanes.

This project provides a unique opportunity to measure land use and investment changes along the corridor, as the Red Line is constructed and after it begins operating. In order to eventually measure the outcomes, the Transit Impact Study will first gather data along the corridor to determine its existing or base condition. Later, after the Red Line is open and established, a second round of data gathering will provide the opportunity to compare the two time periods and determine the impacts of the Red Line.

Similar methodology may be applied to other rapid transit lines in Central Indiana, including extensions of the Red Line into adjacent counties, as well as to the the Purple and Blue Lines. Those routes could be part of future transit impact studies.

Project Milestones

  • Winter 2017/2018 Project Kick-off (In Progress)
  • Spring 2018 Corridor Surveys
  • Spring 2018 Data Collection
  • Summer 2018 Data Analysis
  • Fall 2018 Final Baseline Report

Corridor Surveys

h services planned to begin in 2019, the Indianapolis MPO would like to gather detailed usageinformation on residents, employees, and stakeholders within the corridor. This task will be accomplished with multiple tools, including a mailer, online survey, one-on-one interviews and group interviews.

Meet the Corridor Survey Team

Data Collection

A detailed data analysis will be completed. The task will involve evaluating existing sources of data and identifying new or enhanced data sets based on national best practice research. The project team will coordinate with stakeholders to gather the data.

Data Analysis

The project team will establish a process for data collection and processing, with a focus on data integrity and methodology. The project team will identify appropriate next steps for collecting data after the line has been operational, to identify change from the baseline information.