Updates to Our Regional Plan

From time to time, projects or assumptions made in a plan will change. As part of the federal process, an expansion project must be in the regional transportation plan, or LRTP. When projects arise that are not in the plan, the plan must be amended. Here you will find the amendments to the 2035 LRTP.

Adopted 2035 LRTP

2017 - Summer

This amendment to the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) includes four INDOT added capacity projects and IndyGo's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Purple Line. The projects include:

  • I-69 from I-465 to 1.55 miles N of I-465, Southbound only. One Added Travel Lane.
  • I-465 from I-69 to bridge over Fall Creek Rd., 2.00 miles south of I-69. Added Travel Lanes.
  • US 36 from Raceway Road west to Shiloh Crossing Drive. Added Travel Lanes.
  • I-69 (Indy to Evansville Section 6), from SR 39 in Martinsville to I-465 in Indianapolis. Interchanges SR 39, Ohio Street, SR 252/SR 44, Henderson Ford Road, SR 144, Smith Valley Road, County Line Road, Southport Road, Epler Avenue, and I-465. Two lanes in each direction between SR 39 and SR 144, three lanes in each direction between SR 144 and Southport Road, and four lanes in each direction between Southport Road and I-465. I-465 will be improved between Mann Road and US 31 by adding one added through lane in each direction as well as auxiliary lanes where needed.
  • Bus Rapid Transit Purple line from Downtown Transit Center (201 E Washington) to Lawrence. Dedicated bus-only lanes are on Post Road from 56th St. to 38th St., and on 38th St. between Post Road and Keystone Ave.
2017 - Q1

This amendment to the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) will include only one project, the second phase of the SR 37 improvement project in Hamilton County. This improvement will include the reconstruction of several intersections to grade-separated roundabouts to address congestion and safety for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. The project is a joint venture between Fishers, Noblesville, Hamilton County, and INDOT.

This LRTP amendment adds the SR 37 project to the Illustrative list. A funding agreement between Fishers, Noblesville, Hamilton County, and INDOT is in place for Phase I of the project, but doesn’t include Phase 2. Because the environmental impact document includes the project limits of both phases, Phase 2 is being amended to the LRTP’s Illustrative project list. Once funding is secured, another LRTP amendment will be required to move Phase 2 to the cost-constrained project list.

2016 - Fall

This amendment to the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) will include just 2 projects. One is a project currently in the 3rd Time/Funding Period being moved to the 2nd period to reflect STP funding received earlier this year. The other project is an INDOT interchange modernization, pavement preservation, and bridge deck replacement project in downtown Indianapolis.

2016 - Summer

This amendment includes 6 projects, 4 of which are INDOT projects. The two local projects are SR37 (adding) and Westfield Blvd (adding).

2015 - Summer

This amendment to the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) will include the first bus rapid transit line to be implemented in the metropolitan area. The second project being amended is a pedestrian improvement project on Monument Circle.

The central Indiana region has invested five years of planning on the Indy Connect transit plan, carefully gathering input, analyzing modes, and refining routes. The recommendation of those accumulated studies is the implementation of the Red Line, a premium transit service. The route will connect the communities of Carmel, Westfield, Indianapolis, and Greenwood. IndyGo will submit a Small Starts grant application to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to assist in construction of the Red Line. IndyGo is seeking the LRTP amendment because the Red Line must be in adopted into the LRTP to qualify for federal funding.

This amendment also includes a project to improve pedestrian access within Monument Circle. Typically, the LRTP only includes regionally significant projects. However, due to the high cost of the project, the Federal Highway Administration has asked the Indianapolis MPO to add the Monument Circle project to the Illustrative List to indicate Policy support. The project has received federal funding for design ($444,600 in FY13) and is programmed for preliminary engineering ($500,000 in FY16). The cost to complete this project is $56.6 million.

2015 - Spring

In late summer of 2014, at the request of the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) began the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan amendment process to amend a new interstate interchange on I-69 @ 106th Street in Hamilton County. This project is being funded by INDOT and the City of Fishers. In addition, INDOT asked the MPO to remove one of the Major Moves 2020 projects (added travel lanes on I-70 from SR 39 to SR 267 in Hendricks County) since it’s not moving forward. This project will move to the Illustrative Projects List.

The Central Indiana Interagency Consultation Group was convened on September 8, 2014, to discuss INDOT’s requests. The minutes of this meeting are in Appendix A.

Because the unique funding arrangement for the new interchange was not finalized, the amendment was put on hold. In the meantime, the City of Westfield asked the MPO to amend the LRTP to include a new road as part of the new US 31 freeway project. This project is being funded with Group IV STP (not MPO funding), is less than a mile in length, and will be functionally classified as a local road.

Finally, because we had approached the end of the analysis years for the first LRTP time period (2011- 2015), we found several projects that had not been completed and needed to be moved to the 2nd time period.


The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization is updating its 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) to amend several INDOT interstate widening projects being funded through the 2020 Trust Fund as approved by the Indiana General Assembly in 2013. Many of these interstate widening projects are not new to the LRTP as they have been in both the MPO’s and INDOT’s long range plan in the recent past.

Another action being taken with this update is the reaffirmation of the goals and objectives as developed and approved in the 2010/2011 LRTP Major Update.


This is the first amendment to the Indianapolis 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) adopted in early 2011 (USDOT approval on April 11, 2011). This amendment incorporates the following:

  • New Motor Vehicle Fleet Mix data;
  • New air quality modeling software (MOVES);
  • Updated Planning Assumptions;
  • Changes in projects schedules.

It is important to note that no new local projects are being added to the cost-constrained list of projects approved last year; and, any movement of projects between Time/Funding Periods will not affect the remaining projects in the cost-constrained LRTP.