IRTIP 2017 Update

It's time to update the Indianapolis Regional Transportation Improvement Program (IRTIP)! The IRTIP is a four-year schedule of transportation projects proposed by government and transportation agencies in the Indianapolis region using Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds or Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) funds. In addition, other projects that are considered regionally significant (for air quality conformity purposes) are included, regardless of the funding source.

A key objective of the IRTIP is to assist local governments in providing a coordinated transportation system for citizens in this area by ensuring that the limited federal funds available to the area are spent on projects that provide the greatest benefit consistent with the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).

It's time to update this four-year schedule!

Project Milestones

  • Winter 2016 MiTIP Call for Projects
  • Spring 2017 Present Draft IRTIP Recommendations to IRTC (In Progress)
  • Spring 2017 Draft IRTIP Public Comment Period
  • Late Spring 2017 IRTC Policy Committee Approval (Public Hearing)
  • Summer 2017 FHWA Approval of Indianapolis MPO IRTIP

Public Input

Primary opportunities for public input into the draft IRTIP includes:

  • A presentation to the Indianapolis Regional Transportation Council (IRTC) during a regularly scheduled meeting in early Spring 2017
  • A 30-day public comment period in Spring 2017
  • A public hearing at a regularly scheduled IRTC meeting in Late Spring 2017

MiTIP Call for Projects

During the Winter 2016 Call for Projects, the Indianapolis MPO recieved 69 project applications from 20 Local Pulbic Agencies (cities/towns/counties who are members of the IRTC) requesting a total of $201 million in project funding.

2022 IRTIP Application Packet