Transit Rider Survey

The On-Board Transit Survey helps us better plan for transit in Central Indiana by analyzing riders' travel patterns, transit use, demographics, and other information. Essentially we're trying to understand who rides IndyGo and where they go when they ride it. This helps transportation planners understand what people are using the system and how they are using it, which supports future transit planning and operations activities.

Project Milestones

  • 2016 Summer Survey Team Preparation
  • 2016 Fall Transit Rider On-Board Survey
  • 2016/2017 Winter Final Report

Survey Team Preparation

Survey team members were hired and trained to ride IndyGo buses, collecting boarding and alighting counts and administering surveys to passengers.

Previous On-Board Survey (2010)

Transit Rider On-Board Survey

Passengers were given a short 5- to 7-minute survey about their current one-way bus trip, including a mapping element (via a Google maps type interface) and a series of demographic questions.

Final Report

Check out IndyGo's website for the full final report.

2016 On-Board Survey Final Report