Indiana Department of Transportation

The State of Indiana is responsible for all planning and programming for state-maintained assets, including the Interstate System, and programming state allocations of federal monies.

Context Sensitive Solutions

INDOT's context sensitive solutions (CSS) policy is intended to provide a flexible approach in allowing the latitude to enhance environmental, scenic, historic and unique community elements in a transportation improvement. The process for incorporating context sensitive solutions is intended to establish a basis for the planning, development, construction, and maintenance process to incorporate a community's character and vision in transportation improvements, including pedestrians, cyclists, public transportation vehicles and passengers, trucks, and automobiles.

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

These drafts of INDOT’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) cover state fiscal years 2016-2019. STIP is a four-year planning document that lists all projects expected to be funded in those four years with Federal funds and those state-funded projects that have been deemed as Regionally Significant.

Statewide Long Range Plan

INDOT's Long Range Transportation Plan provides a vision for the future development of the state transportation system. The Long Range Transportation Plan outlines a strategy for future investments in the state highway system. These investments are intended to provide Hoosiers the highest level of mobility and safety possible and to meet the needs of economic development and quality of life into the next quarter century.

Statewide Planning Studies

The state will examine current problems or solutions to future problems using planning studies. These typically examine corridors within the state, although there are several non-roadway planning studies on the page.

INDOT Reports and Other Publications

INDOT continually researches, produces, updates and manages a variety of publications, documents, reports, studies and surveys relating to elements of Indiana's transportation network.

INDOT Road and Bridge Investment Strategy

An interactive tool identifying locations, letting dates, and types of state and local projects happening across Indiana.

INDOT Multimodal Planning

INDOT’s Multimodal Planning and Programs division includes the offices of Aviation, Freight, Public Transit, Rail, and Passenger Rail. Our goal is to develop and improve transportation modes in a seamless system that is more efficient, flexible, and environmentally sustainable, and meets the needs of travelers and shippers alike.

INDOT Current Construction and Major Projects

INDOT is building and improving roads and bridges all across Indiana. These investments in our transportation infrastructure improve safety and mobility, keep our economy strong, and ensure our state remains the Crossroads of America.