Our Current Regional Plan

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) guides the area's metropolitan transportation systems over the next 20 years. With the help of transportation planners, engineers, elected officials and the public, the plan ensures facilities and services required to support the mobility needs of the regional community and its future growth are anticipated and available.

The 2035 LRTP was approved in 2011 and is the current regional plan.

Amendments to the 2035 LRTP can be found here.

2035 Goals and Objectives

  1. Preserve, make safe, and improve utilization of the existing transportation system.
    1. Maintain the existing network in a state-of-good repair.
    2. Use cost-effective transportation system management, transportation demand management, intelligent transportation system, and operational improvements and techniques to increase the efficiency and safety of the existing transportation system.
  2. Enhance regional transportation mobility and accessibility.
    1. Provide cost-effective transportation improvements to address identified mobility problems and reduce the growth in traffic congestion.
    2. Provide appropriate travel options and choice for all users, including auto, transit, paratransit, bicycle, and pedestrian.
    3. Improve accessibility to regional employment and activity centers.
    4. Enhance connections between modes.
    5. Support commercial goods movement within and through the region.
  3. Coordinate transportation system improvements to be consistent with regional values.
    1. Partner with state and local jurisdictions to ensure transportation and land use are complementary.
    2. Enhance transportation system sustainability and minimize impacts of the transportation system to the built and natural environment.
    3. Support regional economic development.
    4. Support transportation security.